Guidance on Invigilation

The role of the invigilator is critical to the quality assurance of IQ examinations through the Safe centre. The invigilator must not be a trainer who has played any part in the delivery of the training course. The invigilator is required to be trained on current invigilator requirements and procedures, and must follow the Procedure for the Invigilation of Tests in full.

There is also have a document which details the Guidance to Candidates which must be read to the candidates at the start of the examination.

An invigilator does not need to have any knowledge of the syllabus or be a qualified trainer.

Please click here for the SAFE Invigilation tutorial. In addition to this, you are also now required to sign the attendance register to confirm the candidates that are listed are present at the exam.

Spare invigilation forms can be downloaded here: Invigilator Forms and Register.

As an invigilator operating under the Safe centre, if you have any queries, you can contact the Safe office directly on 01952 585387.

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