Training Management & Provision

We work with small to medium sized companies who do not have the same access or cannot justify high level management of training activities to offer strategic and operational management of training. SAFE can act as your training director, manager or administrator and are able to advise on a wide variety of issues to deal with strategy, funding, and delivery. Experienced industry experts in the security sector can guide you to develop site specific training plans for use as part of the tendering process, or to assist with the development allocated to specific assignments.

Customised Training and Standards Development

SAFE’s extended expertise in the field of education in the security sector can inform organisations and trade specialists looking to adapt existing training material content and courses to fit with national qualification standards. Draw on our development capacity that include a team of professional writers, researchers and designers. The experience of our seasoned educationalists will inform qualifications writing and assessment development and guide you towards gaining qualifications approval from awarding organisations.


SAFE also offers guidance on access to public funding, leveraging on our close relationships with colleges, skills councils and other partners. SAFE is able to provide comprehensive advice to industry clients on the availability of funding to support training and development activities within your organisation and can lead on bid writing where appropriate.


Having in depth knowledge of the many facets of the security sector, SAFE can conduct safety, security and IT audits to provide independent expertise and impartial opinions  on company systems, procedures and operations.

Other Services

Additional services we can offer through our parent company Vocational Compass include:

  • Economic and market research
  • Business planning
  • Management mentoring programmes
  • Policy development

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