Learning Resources

Known for their comprehensive content and thorough approach, SAFE learning resource suites includes a complete package of learning materials that provide the tutor with all the learning materials required to carry out lessons effectively. This includes tutor notes and lesson plans that detail a suitable approach of delivery, attractive presentations and corresponding student notes. The students benefit from a clearly defined learning outcomes approach with training that goes past the minimum set standard and will give them the skills and knowledge required in their professional careers.

SAFE’s training products can be licensed on a variety of contract lengths and are supplied electronically. We pride our materials on being accurate, up to date and concurrent – SAFE is proactive to changes in legislation and regularly leads the process of updating materials and assessments within awarding organisations to reflect the changes in the industry. License holders are entitled to these updates for the duration of their license.

The titles we currently have on offer are as follows:

Terms and Conditions of our Licensed Materials

The terms and conditions of the license will define the nature of the agreement and include any special terms and conditions agreed in writing between SAFE and the licensee. No variations to these conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing between SAFE and the licensee.

The licensee will be responsible for the selection of the materials detailed in the license agreement and any advice, recommendation or statement given by SAFE, its employees or agents to the buyer or its employees or agents as to the suitability, fitness for any purpose or application of use of the materials is intended for guidance only and is followed or acted upon entirely at the licensees own risk.

The licensee will be granted the rights to use SAFE training materials detailed for an agreed period of time, effective from the date of the contract on a royalty free basis.

The training materials are provided electronically, or by special arrangement in hard copy, with an annual license being required for each USB device or hard copy of the training materials. Supplementary charges will be made for production and distribution of hard copy materials, as and when they occur.

SAFE warrants that it will update the training materials which are the subject of this license to reflect changes in legislation, requirements defined by the Security Industry Authority and technological changes and will provide such updates to license holders in a timely manner, at no additional cost to the annual license fee. In addition, from time to time SAFE will review and update materials, supplying revised materials to license holders at no additional cost to the annual license fee.

If the licensee encounters any inaccuracy or ambiguity in the materials supplied under the terms of this license, the licensee will notify SAFE without delay. Free supply of any resulting amendments shall constitute the full extent of the licensee’s rights and SAFE liability for any such inaccuracy or ambiguity.

On completion of the license period, the licensee will have the option to return the materials which are the subject of the license by recorded delivery, to SAFE at the Bromsgrove office address, or renew the license for a further quarter or year. Where the licensee does not renew the license, materials must be returned to SAFE within 10 working days of the termination of the license. Failure to comply will result in the automatic extension of the license period for a further quarter or year from the date of termination at the current market rate for renewal.

The content of the materials supplied, will be in accordance with the Product Specification, supplied by SAFE and detailed on the SAFE web-site, unless otherwise agreed in writing by SAFE and the licensee.

Risk of damage to or loss of the materials which are the subject of this license agreement shall pass to the licensee on delivery.

Title in the materials which are the subject of the license agreement remains at all times with SAFE. All such materials must be returned to SAFE in the event of non payment by the licensee of the license fee due under this license agreement, or in the event of any breach of the terms of this license agreement by the licensee which cannot be resolved by agreement between the parties within 28 days of either party becoming aware of such breach.

The licensee agrees and acknowledges that all copyright, trade marks and the intellectual property rights in the materials which are the subject of this license are the exclusive property of SAFE.

The licensee shall take all measures necessary to protect the confidential information and intellectual property rights of SAFE in the materials which are subject of this license agreement.

The licensee may not sell, loan, re-license or otherwise part with possession of the materials which are the subject of this license agreement, in whole or in part, and may not copy or reproduce such material in any form except where specifically authorised in writing by SAFE.

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